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USA Uk Canada Lottery Win provides unique strategies to play the USA Mega Millions and USA PowrBall lottory games, the UK lotto and CANADA 649 lottery.


Single Picks is a strategy to randomly pick up numbers from a number-pool. Users can also add Favorite Numbers into the number-pool and specify Multiplier which defines how many times more likely for these numbers to be picked up relative to the rest of the pool. Favorites could be numbers appeared in previous draws, for example. The strategy works on single ticket creation.

Simple Coverage is a strategy to randomly split the number-pool A (1-70) into number-sets so that every number in the number pool will be contained in one of the number-sets. The lottery tickets created from the number-sets will have all the numbers in the number pool.

Probability to Win

The Single Picks strategy is designed to increase the probability to win by allowing users to add personal favorite numbers to the number pools to increase the likelyhood of these favorite numbers to be selected.

The Simple Coverage creates lottery tickets containing every number in the number pools. This strategy will guarantee that at least one of tickets, up to five or six or even more tickets, will have winning numbers.

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