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Sleep with Dreams is an android app designed to play sequences of sound to deactivate the brain, to slow down the heart beat, to reduce breathing rate and eventually to induce the listener to sleep.  The app can play music and other sound pieces such as birds singing.

The app will play sound or music pieces stored in the subdirectory named ‘sleepdreaming” in  the “Music” directory  of the phone. However, if this directory is empty, the app will play one of six sound pieces coming with the app. The user can select sound or music pieces from the dropdown menu.

The app has three functions to choose from. One is to modulate the volume with a harmonic function to attract the listener’s attention. Another way is to change the pitch of the sound played to deliver the slow-down effects to the listener. A third way is to play the sound pieces with intervals to let the listener relax.

The listener can test the sound without selecting any parameters. But the listener must check at least one of the three functions (checkboxes) and select a length of time in order to play.  During playing, the remaining cyclers are displayed on the face of the button.