We are interested in solving problems and like to encourage you to contact us to discuss your needs. We might have the solutions for the following

Flue Gas Clean-Up

Current technology requires three separate units to remove sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides and carbon dioxide. Each of these units takes huge space to build, requires extra capitals to operate, and generates wasteful byproducts.
We invented an algae cultivation system, which can replace all three units of current system to simultaneously remove all three pollutants. The system will reduce the costs to clean up the flue gases and save money for the power plants and ratepayers,  at the same time, protect the environment. Please contact us for more information.

Microalgae Harvesting

Traditionally, centrifugation is the method to harvest microalgae. It is not hard to understand it is not an applicable method for large scale operation. Recently, the membrane based methods become alternatives to the centrifugation.
We have invented a new way to use the membrane in microalgae harvesting. Our new invention will cut down the harvesting cost further without adverse effects on the productivity and make it an ideal method for large scale algae cultivation projects. It is also a tool to solve nutrification  problems in lakes and rivers. Please contact us for more information.