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Carbon X Prize Competition

To demonstrate HDP to the power industry, we are participating in the X prize challenge project. Our strategy is to use HDP to :
                ⊶ strip one hundred percent carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxide from flue gases,
                ⊶ convert gases to algal biomass,
                ⊶ replace coal and woodchips with algal biomass.

We are raising $200,000 to pay for the registration, insurance and the manufacturing expenses. The fund will also be used to build five HDP units in round two and set up the testing environment including the artificial flue gas, monitoring equipment and the harvesting centrifuge.

Compared with chemical reaction based carbon removal systems, HDP have the following advantages:
                ⊷ low building, operating and maintenance costs,
                ⊷ high carbon dioxide mitigating rate (100%),
                ⊷ simultaneously removing carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxide ,
                ⊷ low energy consumptions, saving water and space,
                ⊷ no high temperature reactions,
                ⊷ no adverse environmental impact,
                ⊷ no hazardous materials and conditions used,
                ⊷ no waste and no clean-up needed.

Contrasting to other biological systems, HDP offers
                ⊸ low building cost, operating cost and maintenance cost,
                ⊸ high carbon dioxide mitigating rate (100%) and growth efficiency,
                ⊸ high cultivation efficiency,
                ⊸ saving water and space,
                ⊸ fully automatic operation at large scales,
                ⊸ no maintenance down time.

We believe HDP arrays can provide the best solution to the air pollution problem. But we need your support to put the plan into action. Together we will win the carbon challenges and create a cleaner environment in the future. If we won the grand prize of 7.5 million dollars, we will return 200% of your donation to this project and use the rest of the prize money to manufacture a full scale HDP array to replace SCR and carbon capture system in a power plant to further prove the capacity of HDP arrays in the carbon reduction applications and promote the installation of more HDP arrays worldwide.

We greatly appreciate your support and thank you very much. We will send you the updated progress if you leave us your email address.

3D Models of High Density Photobioreactor (HDP) and arrays