We offer the services tailored to your needs, currently we offer the following

Website building and Management

We build websites on WORDPRESS themes and MAGENTO templates. We use child themes and plugins to extend the functionality of those theme templates. We also can build responsive websites from scratch using BOOTSTRAP and FOUNDATION.  Our sample websites are
Ride Sharing
Manual library

3D Structural Model Building

We build 3D models of the parts of a device.  A 3D model can help to visualize the part as well as the assembly of all of the parts of a device. A 3D model of a part can be directly feed to a 3D printer to create the part. Mechanical drawings of a part can be drafted from 3D model. This is very helpful when making a mold of the part.

Unhackable Online Accounts

We invented a new login process that will incorporate personal preferences into passwords. A password contains info on what is the sequence of characters and how fast the user types the characters. Short personalized passwords provide a better protection than long meaningless passwords and are unbreakable. Even if the database is compromised, the stored passwords are still not recoverable. The new process is unhackable.