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Why Should We Care About The Environment?

Air pollution is a serious problem worldwide. It directly affects people in most countries and climate change is apparent in every corner of the world. Consequences of climate change:
                ⊛ melted glacier
                ⊛ rising sea level
                ⊛ super charged hurricane
                ⊛ deeply dried farm land
                ⊛ over flowed rivers and lakes
                ⊛ widely spreading deadly diseases
                ⊛ threat to global food stocks, and to human security (accord to United Nation’s report).

What can we do to save the environment and help ourselves? We, at QIZHONG LABS, are
                ⊡ building algal cultivation systems to capture gaseous pollutants from flue gases,
                ⊡ stopping the emission of the gaseous pollutants from industrial furnaces,
                ⊡ replacing coal with algal biomass to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

QIZHONGLABS was registered by Dr. Zhong in 2010. Dr. Zhong has a Ph.D. degree in biochemistry. He has worked as a biomedical researcher for many years. In 2010, he invented bioreactors and filed US patents. He became a full time inventor and invested his savings to the patents, the early prototype construction and the small scale production. In 2013, he built the first high density photobioreactor (HDP) based on the successful model of GreenFeuL Technology Corporation with improved gas transferring, lighting and self-clean ability, which is the only model which can deliver the high efficiency at large scales. He conducted the algae cultivation testing on the HDP with his partners in China from 2013 to 2014. After further improvements on the design, the HDP could be one of the most cost effective bioreactors. The HDP can be assembled into arrays which can achieve the capability comparable to that of ponds to stripcarbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxide from flue gases simultaneously and at low costs. Dr. Zhong hopes to use his invention to solve the air pollution challenge for industries and save the environment, and is working hard to achieve it.

Our mission is to provide more cost effective and efficient approaches to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide and other harmful pollutants in power industry and other fossil fuel burning commercial operations.

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